How Nature Makes Us Better

Dear Readers,

As I continue to try to find a work life balance that works for this blog, as well as the time to keep original content coming, please check out the podcast I’ve uploaded on how nature helps to keep us healthy and well.  If you’re a smartphone user click on the menu link in the top right and scroll down to the audio tool.  The podcast is hosted by Shankar Vedantam on NPR and is called Hidden Brain; the title of this particular episode is called “Our Better Nature: How the Great Outdoors Can Improve Your Life”.  Additionally, if anyone is looking for a great read on this subject they might consider Florence Williams’ The Nature Fix.  Williams is an editor at Outside Magazine and traveled the world interviewing scientists from all parts of the globe searching for an answer of how and why Nature makes us better and healthier humans.  I hope you enjoy this.  And remember, get out there.

3 thoughts on “How Nature Makes Us Better

  1. Tall trees, fresh air, birds flying here and there, this is our home.
    Wonderful post!

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    1. Thanks, man! It’s a great podcast.

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