Hello Everyone,

I just wanted to write a quick post to update you all on some small, and some not so small, changes I’ve made to the website and the site’s identity.

As I evolve on this journey I started a few years ago, my website evolves along with me–at least, I like to think so. If you are a subscriber, or follower of this site, this shouldn’t effect you at all. If you are not a subscriber/follower, please click the follow button to the right of my most recent post, at the top of the blog page. For regular visitors to this site, you may have noticed I’ve recently changed the site’s appearance, just to keep things fresh. Other, more global changes include the dropping of the Mountain Buddha persona. It worked for a while, but that’s no longer where I’m at. I think I grew or nurtured that persona because that’s what I needed. Now, much the like the serpent sloughing its old skin, I feel ready to start another leg of this adventure. Of course, readers can still expect to read great content about the outdoors, hiking, Nature, ecology, sustainability, and mountain biking. Another big change is to the domain name itself. As of July 30, 2021, the domain http://www.journeyofathousandmiles.blog will no longer be a functioning site. Instead, my sole and primary domain will be http://www.livelifeoutdoors.org. I believe, as of today, this is the most accurate reflection of where I am currently standing on this crazy journey.

For readers who are interested, I’ve also updated my contact page, and the “Why I do this” page is now “The ‘Live Life Outdoors’ Philosophy” page. Some of the content is the same, with some updated information. While Mountain Buddha remains a part of who I was, and therefore, who I am, I am comfortable in my new skin as Aaron James: writer. This is an inversion of my actual name; and I believe it has a slightly better ring to it; it’s sophisticated somehow–and therein lies the great irony.

I’m hoping that this year is better than last in keeping up with this website/blog. Covid has been brutal on my mental health and my ability to consistently post to this site. That being said, I’ve made a renewed effort at getting new material up and posted. I have a link to a Mountain Biking video by Sam Pilgrim interested readers can check out. Mountain biking is a notoriously expensive sport, but Pilgrim shows that you don’t have to spend a fortune to enjoy it. Working within a budget, even a very tight budget, is totally possible. I’ve added a gallery to my sidebar as well, in the hopes that the presence here will inspire to keep this up to date. I’ve updated my Goodreads account, also linked in the sidebar, and I’ve added a gallery of followers of this blog. Do you see yourself in there?

I have, fortunately rather than unfortunately, I believe, deleted all my social media accounts. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are gone. Perhaps I’ll bring these back in the future, but until then, I really want my focus to be this website. Getting rid of these accounts has been one of the reasons I have been able to get back to writing. The lost hours spent infinitely scrolling through content was… not beneficial, in terms of keeping my mind and body healthy and active.

I’m currently working on two pieces right now, one of which I hope to have up very soon. The first is the purity of backpacking and how that relates to the philosophy of Henry David Thoreau’s Walden. The other essay I’ve got cooking is how to be successful in retirement. This last one has nothing to do with money, but rather, the health of mind and body when we no longer work to keep ourselves busy.

All that said, here’s looking forward to a great 2021 with amazing content to follow.

Get out there everybody!

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