An Ocular Odyssey

This page works in reverse chronological order.  To see the beginning of this journey, in the Summer of 2017, scroll all the way to the bottom.

2020, in spite of the pandemic, was a pretty amazing year! When the shit hits the fan, you can always get outside.

Documents from the life of John Salathe.  You can zoom in on these to see all the information included regarding his life. The census and the S.S. Chicago manifest have the most information.

Salathe 1940 US Census
Salathe Immigration 1930
Salathe Bordeaux Departure

Maine/New Hampshire (July 2018)

From Acadia National Park, to the White Mountains, and a place called Sculptured Rocks in Groton, NH

Kayaking with the kids, Lincoln Woods, RI (Early Summer 2018)

Scenes from Mt. Grace, Warwick, MA.  1,617 feet above sea level.  That’s Mt. Manadnock in NH in the distance.  The MM represents the Metacomet-Monadnock Trail running 114 miles across Massachusetts.

The local trails

Fun with the fam, Conway, NH

Sunrise from Black Cap, NH.  I had to get up puh-retty early for this one.


Hiking the Appalachian Trail, Pennsylvania, with little Buddha

A “stairway” in the Blue Hills, Milton, MA

“Stairway”, Blue Hills

The beginning.  Mt. Major in New Hampshire, 2017.  This was my first hike rediscovering the outdoors, seeking wellness.  I weighed 275 pounds and barely made it.  It took me something like four hours, but was totally worth it.
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