Alexa Distefano: A Profile in Student Activism

And yet, Alexa has beat overwhelming odds to become who she is today. She didn’t grow up in a home that encouraged a sustainable lifestyle/behavior, or even one that displayed an awareness of such. She grew up in a household where mom struggled, and struggles, with addiction and mental health issues—nearly 20% of Americans live with a mental illness, and nearly 50% of all Americans will experience a mental health related issue in their lifetime (#endstigma)—and a father who was supportive of pretty much anything, even quitting

How to Build a Home: Taste the Rainbow Part Two

We who are asking to expand these definitions to create a more inclusive atmosphere are not also demanding that the industry eliminate the grandiose; rather, we ask that the humble also be part of what it means to adventure.

A Man of Leisure’s Brief Guide to Understanding Wellness and Productivity

Change.  Life’s great constant.  Humans possess a remarkable ability to shape their circumstances in life.  While there is no doubt that there exists a great many factors in life over which people have no control—circumstances of birth, the past, what others think, life and death, catching up with the Joneses—there also exists a good many…