To Be, or Not to Be… Prepared

I had prepared for everything: food, snacks, extra clothing (layers), the elements, hydration. Everything but the terrain.

Can’t Stop: Physical Exhaustion and Mental Health

Recently, on a mountain biking Facebook group I’m part of, someone mentioned getting hurt because they didn’t listen to their body on a particular day; they went out and rode when they should have listened to their body and stayed home, taken the day off.  I wrote a reply, relating my two broken elbows the…

Jane Goodall: Modern Prophet for a Modern Age

 “In 1957, Dr. Louis Leakey applied for a grant to embark on a six-month study of chimpanzees in the wild  He believed that the study might lead to new insights about the behavior of early man.  Suspicious of prevailing attitudes in the scientific community, Leaky sought a researcher who could go into the field with…

After Forever: The World After Covid-19

As Wildlife begin to explore urban communities, and our skies clear of toxic smog, I can’t help but wonder: what will the world look like after Covid-19?

Alexa Distefano: A Profile in Student Activism

And yet, Alexa has beat overwhelming odds to become who she is today. She didn’t grow up in a home that encouraged a sustainable lifestyle/behavior, or even one that displayed an awareness of such. She grew up in a household where mom struggled, and struggles, with addiction and mental health issues—nearly 20% of Americans live with a mental illness, and nearly 50% of all Americans will experience a mental health related issue in their lifetime (#endstigma)—and a father who was supportive of pretty much anything, even quitting