(M)Eating for the Future

Students in my Spring course, English 206: Reading, Writing and the Environment, created designed this website and created all the content. Please take a moment to visit their site and support them by giving them a follow and leaving a kind word. They will appreciate your support.



Students for Sustainability

Rob Couto, Lauren Paduch, Alexis Cordaro, Kevin Chapman

Environmental Impacts

Over recent years, the impact of animal agriculture on the environment has become a major concern. More specifically, meat production has been found to be one of the most destructive industries to the environment in terms of water usage, deforestation, and greenhouse gas emissions. The negative effects of animal agriculture are predicted to increase significantly before the turn of the century. Global meat production is projected to increase by approximately 100 percent between 2005 and mid-century. Although there are many human influences that contribute to global warming that also need alternative solutions, raising meat for human consumption is becoming increasingly concerning to the health of the planet.

Water usage in the animal agriculture industry is astoundingly high. In comparison to vegetable agriculture which typically requires 11,300 gallons of water per ton of vegetable product, beef consumes 145,000 gallons of water…

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